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Peter Gilmore as James Onedin and Anne Stallybrass as Anne Webster in the BBC series The Onedin LineWelcome to our website

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Our website, TheOnedinLine.com, is a non-profit, privately owned fan website. The Onedin Line was a fantastic period series depicting James Onedin and the lives of the people involved with the burgeoning, bustling, and sometimes dirty, business of international cargo shipping. Through this website, we want to collect and make available, as much material as possible relating to the Onedin Line. Our goal is to make our website, TheOnedinLine.com, the place to find and present a complete and interesting source where you can find all the information related to this fantastic TV series.

We can use your help
We need new or updated material, corrections or any other information related to the Onedin Line - the ships, the time & places and the people depicted in The Onedin Line. These resources will help us improve this website.

The details please
Download free puzzles from MadDogPuzzles.comWe are searching for photos, historical information pertaining specifically to the times and era of the show and biographical information about the locations, ships, actors, actresses and the people behind the scenes. Full source credit and web links will be provided to authentic and verifiable information provided.

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Thanks for helping us make TheOnedinLine.com a complete reference resource for all the fans of "The Onedin Line"

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